There has been a significant shift in our community over the past two years which has presented significant security issues for the residents of Cranbrook. Wesly has been raising alarm bells on this issue for the past 4 years. It is time to pressure the Provincial Government to make crime, crime again. Wesly will continue to work towards solutions that would see the city increase its by-law enforcement to deal with the problems we are facing. The city of Cranbrook does not have the resources to address the growing mental health crises, however, Wesly is committed to working with the Provincial government, and to take immediate action to address the safety and security issues that are unfolding in our streets.

Over the past 8 years this council has invested over 50 million dollars fixing the state of Cranbrook’s failing infrastructure. Wesly wants to see this work continue, and with our dedicated road program there is a pool of funding now to get our roads and pipes rebuilt so we all have a smooth ride home.

Work must continue to create a stable environment for business development in the city by removing the gate keepers who stand in the way and slow down the process. Businesses are looking to move here and now with more housing options we can work with them to open up offices, and more jobs, here in Cranbrook. Wesly is committed to creating a stable environment for business development and working to remove the gate keepers who stand in the way or slow down the process.

We have increased new doors in the city by over 500. From low-income rentals to single family homes, and it doesn’t stop there.  More developers are showing interest in Cranbrook and are willing to work with us to continue growing the city, while also meeting the affordability needs we have.  This is and will be a continued priority for Wesly.